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Your home has a lot to say about you.

If you have a young family, you’ll have a quiet escape.

If your career is high-pressure, your lights may be dimmer. If you have a lot of good friends, the evidence will be in your kitchen. In a beautifully curated space, you’ll feel enabled and recharged, understood and welcomed.


We bring these relationships between people and interiors to life.

Our designers take the time to understand the purpose and vision for each square foot, delivering breathtaking results for our clients and a positive impact on the world.




Construction plans for chicken coop or garden shed that is attached to an 8x12 greenhouse from BC Greenhouses. 

Perfect for the back yard enthusiast. 

Also included are:

  • the plans for the raised gardens bed and chicken run

  • many construction and chicken coop tips

  • specifications for all the finishes and fixtures used in the greenhouse, chicken coop and garden area.  

Chicken Coop
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