My favorite things in 2017

January 4, 2018

I am happy to say that 2017 was a good year.  Both professionally and personally. I'm excited you share with you some of my highlights and more pictures of the projects we completed!  


My team has been amazing.  Cami, the office manager has kept all the details of the design office organized - which is no small task.  Sadly she is moving on to pursue a councelling career - which is perfect for her,  as we've spent much time discussing the ins and outs of parenting and life in general.  I can tell you this career path is a perfect choice for her.



Shannon has been and continues to be an awesome design assistant.  She is quickly learning the ins and outs of the business.  She is a valuable asset to Grapevine and has become a good friend.


In January we were fortunate enough to be invited to our friend's home on Kawkawa Lake to have some fun and play hockey.  She snapped this picture of our boys and husbands playing hockey.  The Royal Canadian Mint found the picture on my instagram feed and asked if they could use it to advertise their new coins.  What an honour!




I completed the most amazing master bathroom reno earlier this year with help from Fourt Contruction.   Stay tuned as I will show you all the pictures and fill you in on the details in an upcoming post.



The Market at Wagner Hills Farm opened this Spring.  I am the creative director there along with my dear friends Clare Walker and Dawn Bralovich.  Its been a learning process, but we are thrilled with progress.  Especially during the Christmas season.  You can read more about it here.



The largest design project I worked on this year was a renovation of a home on Sunrise Lake.  Sunrise Lake is a little known private lake in Langley.  Only the residents who live on the lake have access to it.  It froze earlier this year and my family was invited to skate on it.  They stock it with fish, and there is much frolicking and floating that happens in the summer months.  Here is the after and before of the exterior of the home.








The inside has been equally transformed.  Check out this sneak peek of the family room.  More pictures to come.  Photo by Janis Nicolay.



I have a few other projects that I look forward to showing you soon as well.  


Last but not least is our Whistler reno.  #grapevinewhistlerreno . We had been tossing the idea of a rental property around for a couple of years.  Mostly me tossing it around and my husband just listening to me drone on.  One day he annouced that he thought we should buy a place in Whistler.  The words were hardly out of his mouth and we were off looking around.  With the help of our lovely realtor Marika Koenig we found the perfect spot.  The Gables is located right between the Whistler and Blackcomb Village - walking distace to either chair lift.  We decided on a contractor from the lower mainland, a good friend of ours, Tim Lindberg of Lindcroft Ventures.  Tim and his team made the process surprisingly easy despite it being an out of town project.  Here is a before and after picture to wet your appetite for more!  I really look forward to showing you more pictures.  The home is almost completely rented into April.  So, I'll have to schedule some time to take more pictures.








Pictures by Eleya Quist


I have lots of pictures coming to show you. I promise to get right on more blog posts.


The beginning of every year is always a time of reevaluating.  What went right and what went wrong.  The conclusion Ive come to is that I need to scale back a bit.  My work with Kuwasha and Wagner Hills is very important to me.  And Grapevine is too.  So I continue to seek God's will on how and what to fit in.  I remember when Kimberley Seldon told me years ago that she was scaling back because her teenagers needed her more than they did when they were little.  This is totally the truth.  I am a wife and mom first.  


I promise that you will hear from me more often.  Being a part of the One Room Challenge this year showed me that I do enjoy blogging and sharing the ins and outs of my interior design company.


Talk soon,









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