School Lunches

March 26, 2018

Many times I would hear the story of how my Mom complained about her lunches one too many times.  One day my Grandma threw up her hands and said she would never make a lunch for my mom again!  And she didn't!  My mom regretted her comments greatly for many years,  and she always reminded me.  I've threatened the same thing many times.  I've even made my kids make their lunches for a few days at a time.  Then I take over again.  Not because I feel bad for them, but I think I'm just too controlling.  They don't have a lot of other options at school (unless they bring their own money) so unless they starve they have to eat what I put in their lunches.  Hee hee. 


I've taken to making a bunch of lunch "mains" and freezing them to pull out for lunches.  Don't think I'm too amazing.  They are more often not in the freezer, than in the freezer.  But these are some good go to options when I have the time to be oh so domestic.

 These tacos pop tarts were a huge hit with my kids.  You can find the recipe here.




Mac and Cheese muffins are brilliant.  Grease a 12 cup muffin tin.  Make up a box of mac and cheese - if you're a health conscious family like us - LOL, you can choose Annie's Mac and Cheese!  Add 1 egg yolk to the finished mac and cheese.  Mix it up and fill the muffin cups with the pasta.  I top the cheese cups with a bit of grated cheese.  Bake at 400F for 10 - 15 minutes.  Once cooled I freeze these too.  But don't leave them in the freezer for too long.  They dry out quickly.  






Waffles and Philadelphia cream cheese?  I love my little heart waffle maker, but my teens are rolling their eyes.  This one wasn't the biggest hit with my family, but Im sure your kids are not as picky. 


I made up a bunch of waffles and froze them.  When I took them out for lunches I defrost them in the microwave, toast them and then added the cream cheese.  Herb and garlic is my sons favourite.  I have also tried, strawberry, cheddar and smoked salmon too.  The smoked salmon was sooo yum - for me.  But the kids weren't loving any of the flavours.  Plain and simple wins every time.








My all time favourite lunch box recipe is for pizza buns!  Find your favourite pizza dough recipe.  Mine is here.  Roll out the dough into a rectangle as if you were making cinnamon buns.  Cover the dough with pizza sauce, pepperoni (optional) and sprinkle with cheese.  Roll up and slice like cinnamon buns - about 2" thick.  Place them in a greased and floured baking pan or individually in greased muffin cups.



A variation would be pesto with ham and/or turkey and tomato (if your kids are into it).  Of course everything always with cheese.  Bake for 30 minutes at 350.  Less if using muffin tins.





















One more trick that I have to add a little extra "good for you" into my kids lunches:  I use "Holy Crap" cereal in their chocolate chip cookies.  Ive actually now just combined chia seeds, hemp seeds and buckwheat grouts (which are the main ingredients of "Holy Crap") to equal about 1/4 cup. and added this to my favourite oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough recipe.  These are great breakfast cookies.




























Leave a comment and let me know if you try any of these recipes or have any lunch tips for me!  I could use all the help I can get!


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